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Iphone 4s Brings Disappointment To The Table

Posted by driveout on October 24, 2011

YAY!! Iphone 4s, the phone that everybody wants. Or should I say yay…. because this time Iphone 4s was a big disappointment that brought only a few new features to customers. Yes the Iphone 4s body is identical to the Iphone 4 but the guts of the phone are new. Iphone 4s includes the dual core A5 processor that Ipad 2 uses, and its also packed with 2 antennas which allow for better call quality and faster download speeds. Another great feature that aroused was the back facing camera is now 8 megapixel instead of 5. Wow 8 megapixel camera, little late dont you think as many other older phones already had an 8mp camera. Come on Apple, step up your game!! Lastly users are now allowed to record in 1080p, oh yeah baby that’s right I said it 1080p. However, what most people are psyched about is the Siri voice command feature. What does it do? well its suppose to talk back to you with a sense of humor. Its also used to schedule verbal commands and I guess you can talk to Siri about how your day was or better yet let Siri listen to your wife talk. That my friends is the Iphone 4s. Is it worth the money ? You tell me.


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