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Find Out The Best Uses for Ipad

Posted by driveout on November 12, 2011

Getting started with Ipad can be quiet tricky as no owners manual is included. If your like me and struggled to get the most out of your Ipad take a look at this instructional video. Enjoy!!

What can I use my Ipad for ? Many people including myself have came across this question only to forget about it. If you thought that an Ipad is used for Photos, videos, music and web browsing your on the right track. The problem is your limiting the ability of an Ipad. Did you really spend 600 dollars just to do those 4 things? Of course not. Although, those four features are the essentials of an Ipad there is more to it. Have you ever wondered why Apple does not include any instructions with the products they sell? Apple claims that their products are made simple and easy to use. Yes, that sounds about right as most users know how to upload pictures to Ipad, creat albums on Ipad and even sync it with the computer. To be truly honest I had a hard time syncing the Ipad with my computer and it really annoyed me. I also ran into some other minor problems that would have only taken mintues to fix if there was a manual. Instead I had to look all over the net to find the solution. I finally ran into this E-book called Are you ready to get the most out of your Ipad? I gave it a long Hmmm… before I purchased it. I got to say that its a pretty decent instructional video for Ipad. It sure cleared some stuff up. It made setting up Ipad email a breeze for me, and Im not too computer savvy. Im not saying that its the best E-book out there but its something that can help you out as it contains good amount of content. Since, Apple does not have an Ipad owners manual this Ipad instructional video is a good source to learn from.

Some pros about this Ipad Instructional video is it contains good amount of content, easy to understand and follow. I did not have trouble keeping up with the tutorials. It was also well explained in most parts. Best of all the video was good quality and it seemed like the guy knew what he was talking about.

Here are some cons I had, the guy does go pretty slow through the instructions which bothered me. However, Its perfect for noobs. On some features of the Ipad he could have gone a little bit more in depth. Lastly the price.

If your computer savvy or nerdy then your probably dont want this e-book as you already know what the best uses for Ipad are. On the other hand if your the oppisite of that then this might be a good guide for you. If you’d like to take a look at the e-book here’s the link
Find Out The Best Uses For Ipad

I hope you liked the article and enjoy the endless possibilites of Ipad !!


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