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RuneScape PKing Commentary

Posted by driveout on October 22, 2011

Check out my friends Youtube channel at for more awesome Runescape Vids. However there will be more videos coming soon on this page as well. Enjoy!!




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The Real War; BF3 Vs MW3. Choose Your Side !

Posted by driveout on October 21, 2011


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Razer Carcharias

Posted by driveout on October 21, 2011

Razer very unusual name but it sure is a great product. For around $80 dollars you can pick them up and boii do they offer great clear sound. The bass is clear , the sound is clear, they are awesome guys! Lets go a little deeper into detail. The Razer headset feels sturdy enough to the point where I dont have to worry about them breaking easily. They provide material cushion around the ears instead of leather which I do prefer as leather tends to stick and make you sweat. The best thing i like about these is the mechanism to adjust them, it looks like it is fragile but its not. The point of this is to prevent the headphones from squeezing your ears. Which I can say they do to a very good job, but after around 3 hours of gaming you do start to feel them. Lastly the microphone is very good, it has a good rotation and is easy to move. I recorded with it and talked on skype and it sounds nice and clear. So dont just wait, go out and get em!!

I rate them 8.6/10

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BF3 Beta First Impression

Posted by driveout on October 21, 2011

Hello viewers, first of sorry that I have been away from this for so long and that the site has not been updated. I was busy with school and work. Anyway lets get to the point BF3 Beta, it rocks!! I gotta be honest with you I had a hd4850 graphic card and just because I played the beta and could not play with good frame rates I went out and purchased a 6850. Now im ready for it! I was amazed by the graphics and game play of it. I liked how the guns reacted while shooting, it really added to the realism. My only concern was that it was pretty glitchy and the movement was weird. For some reason the movement felt off, it gave me a feeling that i was playing on a console. This is just my opinion, and alot of things can still change as its just a beta. Actually it was a open beta which was really cool because anyone could play it. The thing that annoys me that most is the maps, as they are pretty big and I get lost often, especially when your new to it. This does not go just for the beta but in general BF games have huge maps and takes forever to engage in action.

Other than that I will most likely buy the game when its out and Il do a commentary/review of it for you guys. That way you can decide if this is the right game for you or if its rival Call of duty modern warefare 3 will steal your heart.

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Apples New MacBook Air

Posted by driveout on May 19, 2011

Apples new Macbooks air will be released sometime in June or july, they are equipped with the new Intel Sandy Bridge chip enhancing the performance tremendously. While the thickness remains the same or even a little bit thinner Apple has introduced the new high speed thunderbolt technology. The thunderbolt technology will make transferring data super quick, actually faster then the usb 3.0. Thats all the information for now, no specs were announced as of yet. CDJYYQC3ZDF7

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The Easy Way To Download Torrents

Posted by driveout on May 19, 2011

There are many ways to download from torrents, I will show you a way that is easy and simple. I recommend this to everyone as it makes life so much easier.

Step 1: Download Vuze  at

Step 2: Once installed open the program and go into tools > options > transfer

step 3: Set the upload speed depending on your connection, to determine this visit and see what your upload speed is. When your done with that go to and enter your upload speed(first box) but instead of being 4.31, add a 0 to the end and take out the decimal. It should look like this 4310, now the calculator shows the proper settings for the download and upload speeds. For me it would be an upload speed of 431 and download of 0 which is unlimited.

Step 4: Go to the search bar and enter a movie, game or music file you are looking for.

Step 5: On the right side a bar will pop up and in the lower bottom corner it will show you all the torrent sites vuze will use to search for the file. Such as btjunkie, extratorrent, kickasstorrents and more, if you want more click on add/edit, its located under the list of torrent sites. In order to add new ones you have to search for a template and download it from somewhere.

Step 6: Before downloading go to tools > option > files and where it says default directory pick a folder where you want your movies, ect to be downloaded to.

Step 7: Finally click on the file you want and make sure to read the comments so you know if there is any viruses. Hopefully theres alot of comments that will give you a good idea if the file is good or fake. If it seems too good to be true it probably is.

Step 8: Click on the big download button and thats it !! To view the downloading files on the left side bar there will be a category that says downloading click on that a there you will have all the files that are being downloaded.

Step 9:  Almost forgot, To choose a good file you want one with high seeds and low peers. What it does is you should have a faster download speed as more people are uploading it rather then downloading the file.

Step 10: When the files are done downloading it will start seeding them, meaning its being uploaded. After you have downloaded a file you want to stop seeding it, at least thats what I do. If your nice you want to seed at least the same amount that the file contained such as 1gb ect. This allows others to download the file faster.

Thats all have funn!!

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Best Games Of The Year Coming Soon!!

Posted by driveout on May 18, 2011

                                                             Modern Warefare 3 VS BattleField 3

As we all know the most popular games out there are these two. The competition this year is going to be tough as both companies try there best in creating the new meaning of gaming. The most popular game in the past was the Call of duty series and right behind them follows battlefield. But not this year, Battlefield is stepping up to the plate to be number one in the gaming industry by introducing to us the new battlefield 3. Battlefield as of now has not yet established a release date. The most we know is that its coming sometime in fall or winter of 2011. The new battlefield game play looks sick with massive destruction, and one of the biggest improvements of all we can now enjoy air warefare. Yes planes will be available in the new battlefield 3.

On the other hand Modern Warefare 3 is said to be released Nov. 8, 2011. There will be two types of spec ops mode, survival and mission as well as an amazing story patching up the gaps left in the other Call of Duty Series. This is the most that we know as of right now. Everyone be on your tippy toes as I can tell you that these two games will be the biggest sales ever when they are released. I believe that battlefield 3 is waiting for Modern Warefare 3 to be released in order to see how well they do and decided if any changes will be needed in the battlefield 3 game. Either way I am excited for both of these games and can not wait to get them!!

Which one are you more excited to get ?

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Kzk Kustom Xbox 360

Posted by driveout on May 18, 2011

Over the weekend I have decided to transform my xbox 360 into a mini pc case using the computer psu to power it. The reason for this was that the stock fans on the 360 were so loud it was driving me crazy so I decided to fix it. On my path to fixing it i have wondered off and bought a mini pc case which later my 360 was put in it. This allowed me to hook up multiple fans keeping the 360 quiet and cool. As of now the project is not yet complete as I have not soldered the on/off button to the front case power button. I also need to solder the eject buttons, after that the last thing to do is to extend the 360 ring of lights to the front. Once this is done i should be all set and ready to game 🙂 If anyone is interested in how to do this and mod the 360 let me know and I will make a tutorial.

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The Ultimate Way To Protect Data

Posted by driveout on May 17, 2011

Truecrypt is the best free program to protect your personal files. If you have any data that needs to be protected from hackers truecrypt is the way to go as it offers a variety of algorithms to encrypt the data. A normal windows password is no challenge for a hacker to get through. Truecrypt allows you to encrypt the hard drive or any usb flash drive. The cool thing about it is that its a virtual drive and you can hide the virtual drive making it seem like theres nothing else to look through. According to some statements even the government will have trouble cracking the encryption which shows how power full this tool is. Of course theres more, you can even install windows to the virtual drive and while booting up it will ask you for the password, that way theres no entrance to the Operating System with out the password.

In order to use the software to its full potential you want to use the 256 bit algorithm encryption which is what the government uses. If you think that its uncrackable your wrong as everything is crackable but its a matter of time. Basically to crack a 256bit it will take about 100 years so by that time it does not even matter. How do you know what password to choose ? I will tell you. You want to start with a password thats very long about 20 characters or more. Use different types of numbers, letters ,symbols, and upper and lower keys this ensures for a good protection. To make it even better keep changing the password every 2 weeks – month that way who ever is trying to break it will have a really hard time.  This is an example of a password: K@l88zY5-Gg1F#d27\*qQ%. Try to avoid using full words, be creative and mix it up.

Link to download it

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Battlefield Full length Fault Line Trailer

Posted by driveout on May 17, 2011

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