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The Easy Way To Download Torrents

Posted by driveout on May 19, 2011

There are many ways to download from torrents, I will show you a way that is easy and simple. I recommend this to everyone as it makes life so much easier.

Step 1: Download Vuze  at

Step 2: Once installed open the program and go into tools > options > transfer

step 3: Set the upload speed depending on your connection, to determine this visit and see what your upload speed is. When your done with that go to and enter your upload speed(first box) but instead of being 4.31, add a 0 to the end and take out the decimal. It should look like this 4310, now the calculator shows the proper settings for the download and upload speeds. For me it would be an upload speed of 431 and download of 0 which is unlimited.

Step 4: Go to the search bar and enter a movie, game or music file you are looking for.

Step 5: On the right side a bar will pop up and in the lower bottom corner it will show you all the torrent sites vuze will use to search for the file. Such as btjunkie, extratorrent, kickasstorrents and more, if you want more click on add/edit, its located under the list of torrent sites. In order to add new ones you have to search for a template and download it from somewhere.

Step 6: Before downloading go to tools > option > files and where it says default directory pick a folder where you want your movies, ect to be downloaded to.

Step 7: Finally click on the file you want and make sure to read the comments so you know if there is any viruses. Hopefully theres alot of comments that will give you a good idea if the file is good or fake. If it seems too good to be true it probably is.

Step 8: Click on the big download button and thats it !! To view the downloading files on the left side bar there will be a category that says downloading click on that a there you will have all the files that are being downloaded.

Step 9:  Almost forgot, To choose a good file you want one with high seeds and low peers. What it does is you should have a faster download speed as more people are uploading it rather then downloading the file.

Step 10: When the files are done downloading it will start seeding them, meaning its being uploaded. After you have downloaded a file you want to stop seeding it, at least thats what I do. If your nice you want to seed at least the same amount that the file contained such as 1gb ect. This allows others to download the file faster.

Thats all have funn!!


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