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Whats An External ?

Posted by driveout on January 23, 2011

An External HDD is a normal hdd like the one in the computer. The only difference is it has its own enclosure, allowing it for transportation. These hard drives connect with a usb or firewire making it easy for quick connect and disconnect. There is two sizes they come in, the desktop external which is a 3.5 inch and runs at 7200rpms; or the portable external thats 2.5 inches and runs at 5400rpms. Whats the point of them? The point is to use them for transferring files that are to big to fit on a usb drive.  Another reason is all those pictures and files that arent used often take up HDD space that Windows is on, well move them to the external drive. Theres lots of reasons to own one. The best thing about them is the capacity ranges from 500gb to 1tb plus. This gives a good amount of space to be filled up.


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