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Whats An External ?

Posted by driveout on January 23, 2011

An External HDD is a normal hdd like the one in the computer. The only difference is it has its own enclosure, allowing it for transportation. These hard drives connect with a usb or firewire making it easy for quick connect and disconnect. There is two sizes they come in, the desktop external which is a 3.5 inch and runs at 7200rpms; or the portable external thats 2.5 inches and runs at 5400rpms. Whats the point of them? The point is to use them for transferring files that are to big to fit on a usb drive.  Another reason is all those pictures and files that arent used often take up HDD space that Windows is on, well move them to the external drive. Theres lots of reasons to own one. The best thing about them is the capacity ranges from 500gb to 1tb plus. This gives a good amount of space to be filled up.


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Posted by driveout on January 21, 2011

The first Hard disk drive was invented in 1950’s by Reynold Johnson who worked for IBM. Those massive units would be 20 inches plus in diameter, making them more of external Hdd’s. Back in the day they were called fixed disks or winchesters until later on when they began to be known as Hard Drives. Next Seagate popularized the first Micro HDD that was 5.25 inches. The only problem was it only had a capacity of 5mb. As with most hard drives back then the capacity was limited. Shortly in 1956 the first commercial disk was available. Thats because the physical size has decrease which allowed for public sale.  How ever today the sizes of HDD’s range from 40gb to 500gb plus.But the largest HDD capacity is some where around 3 terabytes, which shows we have came a long way.

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Posted by dogman1234 on January 21, 2011

The big question: Should I go for a Hard Drive or a Solid State Drive? To answer that, let us take a look at what these devices are. First, if you have been in the Beginners Guide before and have read up on your Storage devices, you possibly know what I am talking about here. If not, well, let me explain. Storage is necessary for all information to be in place and on standby. If there is no information to grab and process, there is no computation. Also, one does not have the needed documents for the most needed projects…such as a presentation, letter, or resume. Storage is needed not just for information,  but also programs and applications. Games, editors, and rendering software is also stored. But, where does one go about storing this information? Simple, a Data Drive. One option is the Hard Disk Drive or HDD. It is the most widely used storage device to use for a computer due to the fact that it is inexpensive to manufacture, purchase and use. Also, it can handle larger capacity than most other devices. The down side is that, rewrite tends to degenerate the plates inside the Drive. Also, the HDD is a slow working mechanical device. It is also not shock resistant; meaning if it falls, it may be gone for life.Not much info can flow in and out of it. Its’ bulky size makes it a contender for overcrowding in serves and desktops alike. To overcome this, there is another Drive out there. It uses Solid State Integrated Circuits to store the information. It is called a Solid State Device, or SSD. SSD’s are great. They have the capability to transfer information in the several hundred Megabytes of information either into the Drive or out of the Drive. It is shock resistant. It is compact, making it a good contender for those who need space. The down side is the amount of storage. Currently, the HDD is the cheapest per Gigabyte. A One Terabyte HDD can be purchased for 90 USD. The Current SSD at 40 Gigabytes goes for 100 USD. Another thing to note. The SSD is transistorized, meaning nanoscopic switches exist inside the device. Transistors tend to die off when used a lot. That is why rewrite is bad for the Drive.

Fortunately, there are options. if one needs a program to load faster, or needs more information to transfer to be processed, a SSD is beneficial. If one just needs to store much data or just wants a cheap Drive that will allow him to do the basics, the HDD is the best option.


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