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The Ultimate Way To Protect Data

Posted by driveout on May 17, 2011

Truecrypt is the best free program to protect your personal files. If you have any data that needs to be protected from hackers truecrypt is the way to go as it offers a variety of algorithms to encrypt the data. A normal windows password is no challenge for a hacker to get through. Truecrypt allows you to encrypt the hard drive or any usb flash drive. The cool thing about it is that its a virtual drive and you can hide the virtual drive making it seem like theres nothing else to look through. According to some statements even the government will have trouble cracking the encryption which shows how power full this tool is. Of course theres more, you can even install windows to the virtual drive and while booting up it will ask you for the password, that way theres no entrance to the Operating System with out the password.

In order to use the software to its full potential you want to use the 256 bit algorithm encryption which is what the government uses. If you think that its uncrackable your wrong as everything is crackable but its a matter of time. Basically to crack a 256bit it will take about 100 years so by that time it does not even matter. How do you know what password to choose ? I will tell you. You want to start with a password thats very long about 20 characters or more. Use different types of numbers, letters ,symbols, and upper and lower keys this ensures for a good protection. To make it even better keep changing the password every 2 weeks – month that way who ever is trying to break it will have a really hard time.  This is an example of a password: K@l88zY5-Gg1F#d27\*qQ%. Try to avoid using full words, be creative and mix it up.

Link to download it


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