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Is Netflix Overrated ?

Posted by driveout on October 23, 2011

Many of us seen Netflix commercials on T.v. and wondered if its really that good. So, I decided to give it a try.

First, it costs about 8 dollars a month which I find reasonable. However, the movies they provide on instant Netflix blow. This is not the case always as I have managed to find a few good movies to watch. Just to clarify, Instant Netflix is where you watch movies and shows directly on your tv via streaming. That said, the movies I usually try to watch are never on Instant Netflix !! Instead they are available on DVD from Netflix. This means they have to send it out to you. Which in my opinion it sucks because you wont be able to watch the movie tonight as you planned, and you can only order 1 movie at a time. I also believe its a few dollars extra if you want to have the DVD option available. In general if you want to watch new movies or movies that have been out but are really good, then Netflix is not for you. On the other hand if your interested in older type movies then Netflix should do a pretty good job keeping you busy.

For some reason it looks like Netflix does not update movies as often as they say they do. Instead of adding new movies to the categories I get a feeling they just shuffle them to make it seem as new movies were added. Plus the “New Movies” are typically old movies from the 90’s. However, every now and then a good movie will pop out.  That said it also matters on the audience. If your from the new generation and would like to watch all the new cool stuff then stay away from Netflix. But if your an elderly then some of the older movies and shows will bring some memories back.

One thing I do like about Netflix is that they have a good selection of TV shows, such as: Family Guy, Weeds, Prison Break, 70s show, and more. This is the only good thing I can say about Netflix. That’s because Netflix painted a picture that its suppose to be a great place for movies, which its not! So, I think your better of renting movies from blockbuster in order to watch something worth while.

This is my experience, I found Battle LA on Netflix and I was like no way! they have that out already, nice I will have something to watch for tonight. So, I look at the cover and the date it came out and it seems legit to me. I think it said 2010 or whenever the movie came out. I start playing it and its a remake !! Acting is shitty, camera effects are horrible and I was like wtf mate ! Then I look at it again and what do I see, Its not Battle La Its Battle of LA. Wow 2 different fucking movies. GREAT, 😦 way to post up the shitty movie Netflix. Well that’s all I got to say about Netflix, I really do think its overrated as half of their content blows. All my friends that tried Netflix were disappointed with it as well. But who am I to tell you whats good and not, since Netflix does offer 1 month for free, give it a try.

It gets a 5/10


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Razer Carcharias

Posted by driveout on October 21, 2011

Razer very unusual name but it sure is a great product. For around $80 dollars you can pick them up and boii do they offer great clear sound. The bass is clear , the sound is clear, they are awesome guys! Lets go a little deeper into detail. The Razer headset feels sturdy enough to the point where I dont have to worry about them breaking easily. They provide material cushion around the ears instead of leather which I do prefer as leather tends to stick and make you sweat. The best thing i like about these is the mechanism to adjust them, it looks like it is fragile but its not. The point of this is to prevent the headphones from squeezing your ears. Which I can say they do to a very good job, but after around 3 hours of gaming you do start to feel them. Lastly the microphone is very good, it has a good rotation and is easy to move. I recorded with it and talked on skype and it sounds nice and clear. So dont just wait, go out and get em!!

I rate them 8.6/10

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Plantronics Gamecom 377

Posted by driveout on January 25, 2011

To start, anyone who wants good sound should definitely get these . The headphones offer nice deep bass and clear sound. They have everything a person could want for the price of around $45 dollars. Not only are they good headphones but they also offer a microphone, perfect for gamers like myself. Theres only a few cons about the head phones which i will get into.

First of, i do not like the volume control in the middle of the cord, because when its hanging down you do feel the weight of it a little bit. Other than that its nice for quick access to volume. Next the headphones go over the ears and in my opinion over time your ears and the surrounding area does tend to hurt.  Those are the only two cons i have about this head set. I also believe they are to plastic and feel fragile especially when extended.

As for the pros the microphone is located on the side and folds into the head set which is nice because it does not get in the way. The microphone is good and responsive, and the headphones have enough cushion to be comfy for a good while.  As for 45 dollar headphones these are great, of course for more money you can get better ones. But if your on a budget dont miss out on these as they are truly worth it.

I rate them at 7.3/10

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Logitech G11

Posted by driveout on January 21, 2011

The logitech G11 keyboard is some what older but offers great amount of features that can be used on daily basis. This keyboard can be picked up for around 60 U.S dollars. This has to be the best Keyboard I have ever bought considering it does everything I throw at it. Lets go over the keyboard features. One of the main things I like about it is it uses the small wheel for sound instead of buttons. This makes for easy volume control. Next the WHOLE keyboard lights up how much better can it get. This option has three settings, off, dim light, bright light. The keyboard glows a blue color which is very nice in my opinion. Moving on this keyboard offers a little switch which disables the windows key. This is a perfect feature when gaming because every now and then you tap the windows key on accident and boom out of the game you are. One of the best things this keyboard allows for is 54 programmable keys. Lastly it has two usb ports on the back edge which is perfect if your case does not have any up front.

Now a few things that I have experienced with is problems getting the keys programed. They all work in Windows but in some games they dont respond. What i mean by that is you can program them to take place of another key. But you cant add more keys which i find the extra keys pointless in some games. Such as in Starcraft 2 i have tried to program my keys, and what i did was made a crazy combo such as ctrl + alt+ num1. That did not work, the only thing the G series keys can do is take the place of other keys. Now dont get me wrong they work perfectly fine in Windows. I use them to open different web pages, folders, and music players all the time. But i have yet to fill all of them up. In my opinion i believe its to many keys unless you really need them. Another thing, the usb ports on the back are the slower ones but thats to be expected.

For the most part its a great keyboard, the keys feel sturdy and not as plastic and fake looking. One thing i did not realize is its a pretty big keyboard so make sure you got space. Lastly a few alternatives for this keyboard would be the newer versions such as the G15, and G19.

Therefore I rate it at 8.5/10

Rating: 8.5/10

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Logitech G5 Mouse

Posted by driveout on January 17, 2011

To begin for any gamer this mouse is a must, it has everything you need. Im a gamer and have bought this mouse to find out if it has what it takes and it most certainly does. I guess you could say its some what on the more expensive side for around 60 dollars you can find one. Moving on i will cover the pros and cons of it.

Pros – Weights, Speed function, Plastic all around, lil lcd screen, Enough buttons, and Comfy.

This mouse offers inter changeable weights so you can adjust how heavy you want the mouse to be. The weights included are 1.7g and 4.5g i like my mouse to be heavy. Next we have the speed, what this allows you to do is set three to five different speeds for your mouse, and you change it with a press of two buttons. It does not get any easier than that and whats nice you have a mini lcd screen that lights up to show you which Speed function your on. The main base is plastic which i like it has a nice lil grip to it and prevents all the grease and dirt from collecting on the mouse. Of course like most mouses these days it has the forward and back buttons as well as your speed function buttons, not to forget the scroll wheel can be pressed in also. Lastly comfort, all i got to say is its perfect it fits my hand like it should.

Cons – Wired

Theres only two cons i could think of. The mouse is wired which is not a big deal to me but to some of you it might be. Other than that the wire might not be long enough to reach the pc. Even thought its longer than usual.

Therefore this is a great mouse and i would recommend it to everyone. The software it comes with is easy to use and offers alot of options and settings to choose from. Few things to keep in mind is the wire is longer than usual but in my opinion is still to short other than that its great and gets a 9/10.

Rating: 9/10

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Posted by driveout on January 17, 2011

This category includes reviews about any products i like and are worth reviewing, for now i will focus on reviewing Computer components.

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