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Aerena Clash of Champions Gameplay !

Posted by driveout on November 29, 2013


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Free Battlefield 3 Dont miss out !!

Posted by driveout on November 4, 2011

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BF3 Online Gameplay

Posted by driveout on November 2, 2011

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BF3 Glitch

Posted by driveout on October 29, 2011

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Battlefield 3 Full Game First Impression

Posted by driveout on October 27, 2011

First of all, this game is sick!!

Lets continue to the review to find out the pros and cons of the game.

Graphics – The graphics in BF3 are amazing, especially on Ultra with AA set to 4x. The trees look realistic and the shadows are just stunning. The environment of the game looks very sharp as well as the guns and vehicles. The lighting is probably the best I have seen, it really makes the whole game truly beautiful. There’s more, the effects of having a glare in eyes, or a bomb bursting to the side leaves you with smudges on the screen making it seem very real. I have nothing bad to say about the graphics as I am very pleased with them.

Sound – I was blown away with the sound effects of bullets flying next to me and ricocheting of objects. But that’s not it, the sounds of jets, helicopters, tanks and cars fit right in the game. The best sound is when a rocket blows up next to you and its just WOW!! Words cant even describe this effect. In order to experience it you have to play the game. When I say this im being honest, I actually flinched when a rocket hit next to me. Trust me guys, you wont be disappointed by the sound. The effects are right on the money and I cant imagine them any other way. In order to experience great sound quality, you need a good pair of head phones and a sound card that allows virtual 7.1 or headphones that have 7.1 support. Lastly remember to crank the volume up.

Gameplay –  Online game play is very good and keeps you in action. This is not a run and gun game, its more about the objective and fun instead of K/D ratio. In order to succeed you need to work as a team, running around the map will just get you killed. Cover is very important and most of all keep your eyes opened, don’t blink or you will die.  Nah just kidding but it does happen,sometimes you get shot and have no idea where it came from. Only con I have is the maps are huge and if your on foot it takes forever to get anywhere.  Other than that, the game play is very good and you always find yourself in new situations. However, it takes a while to get use to the game, especially flying the jets and helicopters. I would recommend getting a joystick. More over, the movement feels more real, as in it takes a while for him to prone, get back up and aim. As far as aiming goes you have to consider the recoil of guns to be accurate.

Campaign – Gotta say it does start out pretty cool and I have only played a little bit of it so I cant say too much. What I can say is I’m not a big fan of Campaign mode but this surprisingly kept me interested. I do believe that I will finish this campaign, hopefully. If I do its gonna be the first game that I have passed the single player. Wish me luck !


My pc specs:

Amd 1090t 6 core 3.2ghz

4gb DDR 2 1066mhz

HD6850 1gb

Windows 7 64bit

It plays really good on High settings with no AA, and ultra works okay with no AA.  Best thing to do is play around with the settings and find that sweet spot.


My screen flickers green when my settings are set to high in online mode.

Random lag spikes, dont think its my pc as it only happens in this game.

So far that’s all I have experienced, If you have any questions, tips, or would like to share something with us please leave a comment 🙂

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RuneScape PKing Commentary

Posted by driveout on October 22, 2011

Check out my friends Youtube channel at for more awesome Runescape Vids. However there will be more videos coming soon on this page as well. Enjoy!!



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The Real War; BF3 Vs MW3. Choose Your Side !

Posted by driveout on October 21, 2011


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BF3 Beta First Impression

Posted by driveout on October 21, 2011

Hello viewers, first of sorry that I have been away from this for so long and that the site has not been updated. I was busy with school and work. Anyway lets get to the point BF3 Beta, it rocks!! I gotta be honest with you I had a hd4850 graphic card and just because I played the beta and could not play with good frame rates I went out and purchased a 6850. Now im ready for it! I was amazed by the graphics and game play of it. I liked how the guns reacted while shooting, it really added to the realism. My only concern was that it was pretty glitchy and the movement was weird. For some reason the movement felt off, it gave me a feeling that i was playing on a console. This is just my opinion, and alot of things can still change as its just a beta. Actually it was a open beta which was really cool because anyone could play it. The thing that annoys me that most is the maps, as they are pretty big and I get lost often, especially when your new to it. This does not go just for the beta but in general BF games have huge maps and takes forever to engage in action.

Other than that I will most likely buy the game when its out and Il do a commentary/review of it for you guys. That way you can decide if this is the right game for you or if its rival Call of duty modern warefare 3 will steal your heart.

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Best Games Of The Year Coming Soon!!

Posted by driveout on May 18, 2011

                                                             Modern Warefare 3 VS BattleField 3

As we all know the most popular games out there are these two. The competition this year is going to be tough as both companies try there best in creating the new meaning of gaming. The most popular game in the past was the Call of duty series and right behind them follows battlefield. But not this year, Battlefield is stepping up to the plate to be number one in the gaming industry by introducing to us the new battlefield 3. Battlefield as of now has not yet established a release date. The most we know is that its coming sometime in fall or winter of 2011. The new battlefield game play looks sick with massive destruction, and one of the biggest improvements of all we can now enjoy air warefare. Yes planes will be available in the new battlefield 3.

On the other hand Modern Warefare 3 is said to be released Nov. 8, 2011. There will be two types of spec ops mode, survival and mission as well as an amazing story patching up the gaps left in the other Call of Duty Series. This is the most that we know as of right now. Everyone be on your tippy toes as I can tell you that these two games will be the biggest sales ever when they are released. I believe that battlefield 3 is waiting for Modern Warefare 3 to be released in order to see how well they do and decided if any changes will be needed in the battlefield 3 game. Either way I am excited for both of these games and can not wait to get them!!

Which one are you more excited to get ?

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Kzk Kustom Xbox 360

Posted by driveout on May 18, 2011

Over the weekend I have decided to transform my xbox 360 into a mini pc case using the computer psu to power it. The reason for this was that the stock fans on the 360 were so loud it was driving me crazy so I decided to fix it. On my path to fixing it i have wondered off and bought a mini pc case which later my 360 was put in it. This allowed me to hook up multiple fans keeping the 360 quiet and cool. As of now the project is not yet complete as I have not soldered the on/off button to the front case power button. I also need to solder the eject buttons, after that the last thing to do is to extend the 360 ring of lights to the front. Once this is done i should be all set and ready to game 🙂 If anyone is interested in how to do this and mod the 360 let me know and I will make a tutorial.

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