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Cool Computer Cases

Posted by driveout on February 9, 2011

This one is some kind of a linux PC, pretty impressive considering the size.

This one im not sure exactly if it is a computer case, But its a cool looking desk and the computer parts are hidden inside of it.


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Cool Computer Cases

Posted by driveout on February 6, 2011

This one I really like, It has a futuristic look to it and can pretty much fit any where as its a garbage can. Looks like it has great ventilation as the surrounding is opened. Only concern I find is if someone mistakes it and recycles the pc hehe.

This case looks very antique. I find this to be perfect for the old ones that hate computers, this should win them over.

In this case if you have that many fans im positive that you wont have any overheating problems. I would think that the case would be loud as theres so many fans on it and even if their on low rpms it all adds up to dba. I wonder how much the guy spent on fans.

Lmao, okay first of this guy knows how to go green. Another thing this dude has some creativity I mean a case out of card board box. Im sure if you give it to your mom she will love it even though it looks like crap. But its the good effort that counts!!

Heres some more cool looking cases not going to comment on all of them but check it out guys, people have some really good ideas.


The mircowave door is actually a lcd screen. So what looks like is inside of it is actually a screen saver pretty clever huh ?


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