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Sandy Bridge or Bulldozer?

Posted by dogman1234 on March 19, 2011

There has been a lot of chatter about the upcoming new microprocessor by AMD called “Zambezi”. The issue is that moist think it will fail. Wait, fail? Really Others have said Sandy Bridge has already crushed AMD in its new architecture adventure. Allow me to explain the new microarchitecute for the x86 platform; presented by Advanced Micro Devices: We bring you Bulldozer. The neat thing about Bulldozer is that each core is integrated into what is called a “module’ or a designated area for 2 cores to share resources. The fetch/decode is shared about the 2 cores, connected to the F/D is the scheduler also connected to the FMAC. Each FMAC is 128 bit register and can become 256 bit register. The single core handle the processing then sends it to the scheduler where each core scheduler is integrated to the FMAC. Information from the L1 cache will be sent over to the L2 cache. Information will then be sent to the L3 and then the NorthBridge where it will be stored in the RAM.

I will not go into detail about Sandy Bridge, but what I can tell you is that it is great with the new QuickSync technology for video processing. That and the IGP will be a good reckon for any media type.

Now, which one is the best? Answer: None.

We cannot tell you without benches. Then what is the point of the article? Simple, informing you on the fact that just because the processor is not out and it is manufactured by a low profile company does not mean the chip is a ground for failure. Just like Intel’s FDIV bug in the 90’s and SouthBridge problem this year. Does that mean Intel is a lower value company with lower value products? No.

If you ever come across a person who favors either company with no legitimate rhyme-or-reason: Stay Away. All you have to rely on is personal experience for yourself and others you physically come in contact.

If you want to know when Bulldozer comes out: The estimate date is:

June 20, 2011*



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