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Posted by driveout on January 19, 2011

CONGRATULATIONS !! Guys you have just finished building a Computer all on your own. Im proud of you lol. Most of all enjoy your built and if i left out anything sorry guys. Ooo just to let everyone know i did not forget about the Video tutorial. The reason i didint do it is because i decided its not worth it as its an older computer and out dated. That said i will  make a video tutorial with up to date Computer parts some time soon.

This is how it should look when complete. Hopefully yours looks something like that.






Sweet Rig huh






Anyway i hope i made this guide good and easy to understand, thanks and please comment to let me know how i did ūüôā



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Step 6 continued

Posted by driveout on January 19, 2011

In case anyone is wondering and would like to see how the connection looks by the HD and Optical drives here you go. One picture shows the power cables going to the optical drives and the other pictures shows the IDE cable connecting the Optical drives. Link to Finished

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Step 6

Posted by driveout on January 19, 2011

We are near the end how sad ūüė¶ anyway a few last parts to put in include the optical drives and hard drives. Theres one thing that this built is missing and its the fans to cool it thats because i dont have any fans that will fit in the case. But guys dont forget to add fans you can either do that in the beginning or whenever you choose. I recommend setting them up in the beginning to get it over with and its probably easier as you dont have all the cables in the way.

The optical drive, in this built i have three. I am putting in two Roms and one floppy drive.

The Roms sit on the top portion of the case thats where the slots are for them, while on the lower part the floppy and hard drives sit. In order to put in the Roms you pop out the front panels. Once thats done you just slide the Rom in from the front. As for the floppy and hard drives you slide those in from the inside of the case.

Okay these are the IDE cables used for the hard drive, and cd/dvd roms. The new cables for SATA hard drives are different. Oh and actually one of them is a floppy cable used for the floppy drive.



The hard drive, this is an IDE HD, you might have trouble setting it up right at first but after couple tries you should get it. The reason is Jumpers, its a plastic piece that goes on the pins located on the hard drive. What this does is it allows you to set it as master, slave or none. This goes for optical drives as well. On the other hand if your using Sata Cable you dont have to worry about it as each one has its own cable and connector/slot to be plugged into. But for that you need a SATA HD which are common now days so its not a problem.

The Jumper is the white plastic piece on the pins, and the hard drive on itself will have info about which pins are master and ect. That way you should be able to set it up right.

These 2 black and blue plugs are for the IDE cables which connect to your hard drive and optical drives.

Right here Im plugging in the IDE cable and usually you want the blue colored one to plug into the motherboard. The black ones connect to the hard drive and optical drives.




Right there in the top right corner the black connector is for the floppy drive. The floppy has its own cable that is separate from the IDE cables.

Lastly push all the cables to the back side of the case, that way the inside looks clean.

Link to step 6 continued

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Step 5

Posted by driveout on January 18, 2011

As you see I am trying to keep this guide basic and simple which is why i spread the info into steps. This step contains the power cables from the PSU. In this case the PSU is on the top on other cases it can be on the bottom either way it doesnt matter. Well actually if its on the bottom the cables might have a hard time reaching but that also depends on the powers supply you get.

This is the main power connector for the Motherboard. It is a 24pin connector which actually the 4 pins are extra and are used if needed. On this built the 20pin was all that it took.

The white plastic is where the main power cable gets connected to. Some Motherboards require 2 power cables to be plugged in. One is the 24pin and another 2x4pin i believe.

These are all the wires that come from your power supply. This power supply does not have any wire sleeves which sucks because all the wires can get tangled. Well what do you need all these cables and connectors for ? They are used to connect optical drives, hard drives and fans. Plus anything else that requires power.

Link to step 6

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Step 4

Posted by driveout on January 18, 2011

The video card, there are three different slots for graphic cards. There is AGP, PCI, and PCI EXPRESS, each slot is a little different. What I have in this built is an AGP Graphic Card. In simple its an old card while this one does not require a separate cable for power the new ones do so just keep that in mind.

This is what the AGP slot looks like. Thats where your graphic card is going to be installed. The agp slot is the brown one just saying in case anyone got confused and thought it was the white one.

This is some what similar to the Memory, while inserting the graphic card of course be careful. Set the GPU in the slot and then just press evenly across the top edge.

To finish it of make sure you screw in the graphic card. That way it will be nice and secure. There you go you have just installed a Video card into the computer.




Link to step 5

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Step 3

Posted by driveout on January 18, 2011

Alright, Installing the Ram is not so hard, actually its very easy so lets get to it.

Right here i have 2x512mb of pc2700.

In here the blue slots are opened as you see the white clips are out. While the black slots have the clips pushed in. So when your installing the Ram open the clips up and then put the ram in. Easy as that !!

This is how you want to install them, once you set them in there push the corners of the Memory Stick until you hear the white clips snap into place.

When your done this is how it should look. As i said before if the heat sink was bigger the fins of it would block the ram slots, in that case you want to install the ram first. Okay moving on to step 4 we are almost done here.



Link to step 4

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Step 2

Posted by driveout on January 18, 2011

The cpu, once the motherboard is in take your cpu and look at the corners to find an arrow. Now look at your cpu slot on the mobo and it will have an arrow as well in one of the corners. When installing the Cpu make sure those two arrows match up and are in the same corners, thats how you know you put it in the right way. First of lift the latch up from the cpu slot on the mobo this allows the cpu to be inserted. Next install the cpu in the slot and put a drop of thermal paste on it, use a credit card to create a nice even layer across the cpu. This can be done before or after the cpu is installed but i believe its much easier to do it before so that you have more room to work with. Once the cpu is installed push the latch back down again.

So at this point you have the cpu installed and it has thermal paste on it, the next thing to do is mount the heat sink. Basically lift the heat sink up and set it on the Cpu but make sure its in the middle and the bracket that you have to screw the heat sink in will help you with that. The heat sink screws have to line up with the bracket, this kinda helps you out in making sure that the heat sink is mounted in the middle. Also while doing this concentrate on the heat sink cable and make sure its on the right side so that it reaches the Cpu fan plug on the Motherboard.

A few tips, if you bought an aftermarket heat sink some of them come with back plates that need to be installed on the back side of the motherboard. In that case you will have to install the Cpu and heatsink before you put the Mobo inside the case unless the case has an opening on the back panel for it to be installed. Last thing if the heat sink is big, make sure to install your ram first as sometimes the heat sink will block the ram slots and you will have to do everything over again.

In this picture the latch is up, and the cpu is being installed.

As we see the Cpu has been installed and the latch is now down securing it in place. The thermal paste is on, and the heat sink is ready to be put on. Keep in mind i did not have any thermal paste so the one thats on it right now is the old one and dried up. Yours will look nice and smooth.

The heat sink has been successfully installed and is fastened by screws that go into the bracket. The bracket is the black plastic around the cpu as seen in previous pictures.







Lastly the fan cable has been pluged into the Mobo. If you made it this far Good Job as you see its like putting legos together. Everything pops into place.

Link to Step 3

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Step 1

Posted by driveout on January 18, 2011

First of this is an older Computer so your parts are going to be different but the procedure to assembling a pc is the same. To start I have the case which is empty, the only thing  in there is the PSU as it came with it. Heres a tip to make everything easier lay all your parts out on the side that way you know where everything is at.

Alright, next thing to do is get the little screws or whatever their called and insert them into the case, make sure that the screw things line up with the holes on the motherboard. As once you have them inserted the motherboard will go on top of them and will be secured with another set of  screws. In this picture the gold screws go into the case

Now once the motherboard is laid on top and secured the finished product should look like this. The last thing to do now is connect the wires that come from the case which are the power light, power switch, reset, HDD led, and speaker. In order to do this look in the Motherboard menu so you know which one goes where. On some mobos it might be even displayed on the motherboard itself in small letters. Okay you could say that theres two ways to assemble a pc. Some people like to connect everything outside of the case such as the cpu and ram first and then slide in the whole Mobo. Depending on what parts you get you might have to do that as i had a huge heat sink and i could not mount it while it was in the case so i had to take everything out and attach it while it was out.

Congratulations as you have finished step 1 !! Link to Step 2

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