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The Real War; BF3 Vs MW3. Choose Your Side !

Posted by driveout on October 21, 2011



8 Responses to “The Real War; BF3 Vs MW3. Choose Your Side !”

  1. driveout said

    Wow, looks like mw3 does not stand a change against BF3. Cant wait only 2 more days till BF3, stay tuned for a Midnight Commentary of BF3 on the 25th.

  2. mw3 said

    It’s exhausting to find knowledgeable individuals on this topic, however you sound like you understand what you’re speaking about! Thanks

  3. mw3 dlc said

    Would you be inquisitive about exchanging links?

  4. stiffler said

    dude thanks for this pic i made sumthing similar b4 either came out and if i had photoshop expertise wud have made id more like this,, but thanks looks gr8 for a background if yu like both of them

  5. asiBattlefield3 said

    Battlefield is better than cod! I don’t takling about battlefield3 vs mw3, but all battlefield, not just 3, is batter than cod i think because in battlefield: bad company 2, battlefield: 3 you can destroy buildings and that’s it! COD can run on lower pc and higger in-game settings… my think Battlefield3 is better than MW3! 🙂

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