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BF3 Beta First Impression

Posted by driveout on October 21, 2011

Hello viewers, first of sorry that I have been away from this for so long and that the site has not been updated. I was busy with school and work. Anyway lets get to the point BF3 Beta, it rocks!! I gotta be honest with you I had a hd4850 graphic card and just because I played the beta and could not play with good frame rates I went out and purchased a 6850. Now im ready for it! I was amazed by the graphics and game play of it. I liked how the guns reacted while shooting, it really added to the realism. My only concern was that it was pretty glitchy and the movement was weird. For some reason the movement felt off, it gave me a feeling that i was playing on a console. This is just my opinion, and alot of things can still change as its just a beta. Actually it was a open beta which was really cool because anyone could play it. The thing that annoys me that most is the maps, as they are pretty big and I get lost often, especially when your new to it. This does not go just for the beta but in general BF games have huge maps and takes forever to engage in action.

Other than that I will most likely buy the game when its out and Il do a commentary/review of it for you guys. That way you can decide if this is the right game for you or if its rival Call of duty modern warefare 3 will steal your heart.


8 Responses to “BF3 Beta First Impression”

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