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Kzk Kustom Xbox 360

Posted by driveout on May 18, 2011

Over the weekend I have decided to transform my xbox 360 into a mini pc case using the computer psu to power it. The reason for this was that the stock fans on the 360 were so loud it was driving me crazy so I decided to fix it. On my path to fixing it i have wondered off and bought a mini pc case which later my 360 was put in it. This allowed me to hook up multiple fans keeping the 360 quiet and cool. As of now the project is not yet complete as I have not soldered the on/off button to the front case power button. I also need to solder the eject buttons, after that the last thing to do is to extend the 360 ring of lights to the front. Once this is done i should be all set and ready to game 🙂 If anyone is interested in how to do this and mod the 360 let me know and I will make a tutorial.


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