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Iphone 5 CPU Upgrade

Posted by driveout on May 17, 2011

It looks like Apple has decided to drop in an A5 dual core processor that runs at 1.0ghz suppressing the iOS and apps. Unlike Iphone 4 which used the A4 cpu, the new iphone 5 will use a A5 processor same one as the ipad 2 uses. The only concern is the battery life, because of this the cpu might get tuned down to 800-900 mhz resulting in longer battery life. Either way this dual core cpu will be more than enough to run any apps and features on the iphone. As of now the iphone 4 hardware has not limited any apps and neither will the iphone 5. This gives something to think about to all the iphone 4 users as the major upgrade in the iphone 5 is the dual core processor. In my opinion if you have an iphone 4 its not worth upgrading unless you really need a flash for the camera. Stick around for more current updates about the iphone 5!!


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