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Wireless Hard Drive for Ipad, Iphone And Ipod Touch

Posted by driveout on May 16, 2011

Anyone thats running out of space, your in luck!! As Seagate has made a Wireless hard drive that is dedicated for Apple users. Since the Ipad does not offer any usb or firewire ports this is the perfect solution to increase storage space. The hard drive offers 500 gb of space which is perfect to store pictures, movies and any other files that might come in handy. Users can enjoy 5 hours of constant streaming or 25 hours in stand by mode. Not to worry as the hard drive comes equipped with a lithium polymer rechargeable battery. How ever theres more, Seagate will include a Media Sync Software which allows of transferring computer documents to the HD or Sync all the files from the Ipad. Finally the Seagate Hard drive will come with home and car charger and a 3.0gbps usb for lighting fast connection to your home computer. We can expect to see the Hard drive sometime in july at a shocking price of $199.

If you truly are running out of room and are desperate for storage space this might be the way to go as for now its the only hardware available. Although if you throw in another hundred you could by a brand new ipad which gives you something to think about. Check out the video for more information and a good overview of how it works.


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