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The Right Way To Clean A Monitor

Posted by driveout on March 6, 2011

I know a lot of people ask how should I clean my lcd screen or any other monitor. One tip to remember is avoid touching the screen with your hands as that will leave smudges. If you dont touch the screen all you have left on it is dust.

CRT Monitors

If you own a CRT Monitor its not that hard to clean it, use Windex and a paper towel or any other soft rag. Spray Windex on the screen or on the paper towel, either way works.

LCD Monitors

This is where it gets a little bit more complicated. For an LCD Monitor if you have smudges your going to need to get some commercial spray thats recommended for cleaning. In my opinion like I said before avoid touching the screen and you shouldnt have any smudges. If dust is the problem the best way to clean it is to use a Micro fiber cloth.

If smudges are the problem get a good spray, then turn the monitor off, this allows you to see the marks better. In this case you want to spray it on the Micro fiber cloth or any other soft rag and then in one fluid motion wipe the screen. Either way wipe the whole screen, this should prevent the spray from leaving marks on the monitor. I have tried a few different sprays and i find it that every time I use one it always leaves some light smudges after wards. There more like streaks that are left over and when it drys unevenly you see them.

But if your monitor is really dirty try the spray as it will clean it up pretty good. Remember not to press to hard!


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