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TLC For PC (Cleaning Of The Dust)

Posted by driveout on March 2, 2011

In case you dont know what TLC is, it stands for Touch Love and Care. Whats this about ? Its about keeping the PC free of dust. You might ask why? well its very important to clean the pc out every month or so as dust collects inside and clogs things up.  First of when dust collects on the fans, the fans tend to run slower and the bearings inside them get worn out faster. Think again if all your fans have dust on them they are not doing a very good job in ventilating the case.

Now, the case fans can live with some dust as thats just extra air but if your cpu fan and graphic card fan have a lot of dust take that into consideration. Heres the tip to avoid dust, one thing is buy a good case that comes with air filters. These cases have filters by the fans limiting the amount of dust that can get in. The second option is to buy the air filters separately and mount them by the fans. What I recommend is buying a few cans of dust remover, I will go in steps to make it easy for everyone.

First buy a few cans of dust remover, Clean the pc out every month or two, or whenever you start to see good amount of dust that usually means its time.

Next get some sort of vacuum, this will be used to suck all the dust out.

Now its time to open up the case take your dust remover, turn on the vacuum and while using the dust remover have the vacuum next to where your spraying, this way it sucks up all the dust. Reason for that is if you dont use a vacuum all the dust goes flying everywhere. Make sure you hit the Cpu heat sink and fan, the Gpu fan, PSU and the front fans that cool your HDD. Hell just do all the fans as its all important and adds up to good cooling. If you have fan filters make sure to clean those out as well. A few things I would suggest is turning off the power on the PSU just in case because when the dust remover can is upside down it tends to spray a liquid like substance. I also like to unplug all the wires as it makes it easy to move around and I tend to clean the slots on the mobo and gpu. Lastly dont forget to spray in through the back side of the gpu and psu as some dust might be collected inside.

There you have it, Its as simple as that !!


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