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Direct X Differences

Posted by driveout on February 5, 2011

Hmm well iv been looking around to find what the real difference is between all the DirectX versions and they are not big. As far as i have found the only games you can tell in is Crysis, Resident Evil, and Lost Planet. My guess is most people wont be even able to tell the differences between them. Heres a video comparing Directx 9 to 10.

Now heres the difference between Directx 10 and 11 if you can see it because i cant. Well actually if you look at the bushes and trees you do notice a small difference.

Anyway In my opinion the differences between all the Directx versions are very small and hard to notice. Maybe if your gaming in 1080p on a big screen tv then I believe it would make a difference. Otherwise If you have Directx 10 I dont think its worth upgrading just to have 11.

Check this out if you want to know more about Directx


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  1. I think you have observed some very interesting points , thanks for the post.

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