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Plantronics Gamecom 377

Posted by driveout on January 25, 2011

To start, anyone who wants good sound should definitely get these . The headphones offer nice deep bass and clear sound. They have everything a person could want for the price of around $45 dollars. Not only are they good headphones but they also offer a microphone, perfect for gamers like myself. Theres only a few cons about the head phones which i will get into.

First of, i do not like the volume control in the middle of the cord, because when its hanging down you do feel the weight of it a little bit. Other than that its nice for quick access to volume. Next the headphones go over the ears and in my opinion over time your ears and the surrounding area does tend to hurt.  Those are the only two cons i have about this head set. I also believe they are to plastic and feel fragile especially when extended.

As for the pros the microphone is located on the side and folds into the head set which is nice because it does not get in the way. The microphone is good and responsive, and the headphones have enough cushion to be comfy for a good while.  As for 45 dollar headphones these are great, of course for more money you can get better ones. But if your on a budget dont miss out on these as they are truly worth it.

I rate them at 7.3/10


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