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How To Choose A Video Card

Posted by driveout on January 23, 2011

As mentioned before in the basic guide theres two options: ati or nvidia. Which ever you pick is personal preference. Those are the main two brands but theres a bunch of sub companies that make the cards. For instance companies like XFX, Sapphire, HIS, Diamond, Visiontek, ect make Ati Cards. While Sparkle, XFX, PNY, EVGA make Nvidia Cards. Now that we are through with the brands how do I know which one to choose? Well let me divide it into three groups.

Easy – This group is for people who dont play games. They use their computer for basic use such as web browsing, mail, maybe some movies and easy tasks that dont require a good graphic card. If thats you dont look at expensive graphic cards as pretty much any low end video card will do fine. Even an onboard gpu might be a good idea as it will save you money.

Medium – In this group your an average user that likes to do a little bit of everything. In this case look for a gpu that offers a good balance between money and performance. This group starts to care about how much memory the card has. For the average users i would recommend a card thats around 100 plus dollars that has at least 512mb. This will be enough for most people as it will allow you to game on medium/low settings depending on the game. Any people that work with basic graphical programs should fit in this group as well.

Hard –  This is the group thats willing to shed some money to get the best performance. These users include hard core gamers that want the best graphics and high fps (frames per second) while gaming. Also users that run programs that require a strong graphic card fit in this group. These would include people that run auto cad as it demands a strong card to be able to run smooth. For the most part 1gb gpu should be enough.

Depending where you stand ,the 3 groups should give you a basic idea of what graphic card to choose. Things to keep in mind while looking at one is the memory, core clock, and shader clock. Also a few choices to decide on is what version of directx is good for you. The older cards only support directx 9 while the newer ones are capable of supporting directx 10 and 11. Therefore it all depends on what the card is going to be used for.



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