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Logitech G11

Posted by driveout on January 21, 2011

The logitech G11 keyboard is some what older but offers great amount of features that can be used on daily basis. This keyboard can be picked up for around 60 U.S dollars. This has to be the best Keyboard I have ever bought considering it does everything I throw at it. Lets go over the keyboard features. One of the main things I like about it is it uses the small wheel for sound instead of buttons. This makes for easy volume control. Next the WHOLE keyboard lights up how much better can it get. This option has three settings, off, dim light, bright light. The keyboard glows a blue color which is very nice in my opinion. Moving on this keyboard offers a little switch which disables the windows key. This is a perfect feature when gaming because every now and then you tap the windows key on accident and boom out of the game you are. One of the best things this keyboard allows for is 54 programmable keys. Lastly it has two usb ports on the back edge which is perfect if your case does not have any up front.

Now a few things that I have experienced with is problems getting the keys programed. They all work in Windows but in some games they dont respond. What i mean by that is you can program them to take place of another key. But you cant add more keys which i find the extra keys pointless in some games. Such as in Starcraft 2 i have tried to program my keys, and what i did was made a crazy combo such as ctrl + alt+ num1. That did not work, the only thing the G series keys can do is take the place of other keys. Now dont get me wrong they work perfectly fine in Windows. I use them to open different web pages, folders, and music players all the time. But i have yet to fill all of them up. In my opinion i believe its to many keys unless you really need them. Another thing, the usb ports on the back are the slower ones but thats to be expected.

For the most part its a great keyboard, the keys feel sturdy and not as plastic and fake looking. One thing i did not realize is its a pretty big keyboard so make sure you got space. Lastly a few alternatives for this keyboard would be the newer versions such as the G15, and G19.

Therefore I rate it at 8.5/10

Rating: 8.5/10


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