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Posted by driveout on January 21, 2011

The first Hard disk drive was invented in 1950’s by Reynold Johnson who worked for IBM. Those massive units would be 20 inches plus in diameter, making them more of external Hdd’s. Back in the day they were called fixed disks or winchesters until later on when they began to be known as Hard Drives. Next Seagate popularized the first Micro HDD that was 5.25 inches. The only problem was it only had a capacity of 5mb. As with most hard drives back then the capacity was limited. Shortly in 1956 the first commercial disk was available. Thats because the physical size has decrease which allowed for public sale.  How ever today the sizes of HDD’s range from 40gb to 500gb plus.But the largest HDD capacity is some where around 3 terabytes, which shows we have came a long way.


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