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Step 6

Posted by driveout on January 19, 2011

We are near the end how sad đŸ˜¦ anyway a few last parts to put in include the optical drives and hard drives. Theres one thing that this built is missing and its the fans to cool it thats because i dont have any fans that will fit in the case. But guys dont forget to add fans you can either do that in the beginning or whenever you choose. I recommend setting them up in the beginning to get it over with and its probably easier as you dont have all the cables in the way.

The optical drive, in this built i have three. I am putting in two Roms and one floppy drive.

The Roms sit on the top portion of the case thats where the slots are for them, while on the lower part the floppy and hard drives sit. In order to put in the Roms you pop out the front panels. Once thats done you just slide the Rom in from the front. As for the floppy and hard drives you slide those in from the inside of the case.

Okay these are the IDE cables used for the hard drive, and cd/dvd roms. The new cables for SATA hard drives are different. Oh and actually one of them is a floppy cable used for the floppy drive.



The hard drive, this is an IDE HD, you might have trouble setting it up right at first but after couple tries you should get it. The reason is Jumpers, its a plastic piece that goes on the pins located on the hard drive. What this does is it allows you to set it as master, slave or none. This goes for optical drives as well. On the other hand if your using Sata Cable you dont have to worry about it as each one has its own cable and connector/slot to be plugged into. But for that you need a SATA HD which are common now days so its not a problem.

The Jumper is the white plastic piece on the pins, and the hard drive on itself will have info about which pins are master and ect. That way you should be able to set it up right.

These 2 black and blue plugs are for the IDE cables which connect to your hard drive and optical drives.

Right here Im plugging in the IDE cable and usually you want the blue colored one to plug into the motherboard. The black ones connect to the hard drive and optical drives.




Right there in the top right corner the black connector is for the floppy drive. The floppy has its own cable that is separate from the IDE cables.

Lastly push all the cables to the back side of the case, that way the inside looks clean.

Link to step 6 continued


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