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Step 1

Posted by driveout on January 18, 2011

First of this is an older Computer so your parts are going to be different but the procedure to assembling a pc is the same. To start I have the case which is empty, the only thing  in there is the PSU as it came with it. Heres a tip to make everything easier lay all your parts out on the side that way you know where everything is at.

Alright, next thing to do is get the little screws or whatever their called and insert them into the case, make sure that the screw things line up with the holes on the motherboard. As once you have them inserted the motherboard will go on top of them and will be secured with another set of  screws. In this picture the gold screws go into the case

Now once the motherboard is laid on top and secured the finished product should look like this. The last thing to do now is connect the wires that come from the case which are the power light, power switch, reset, HDD led, and speaker. In order to do this look in the Motherboard menu so you know which one goes where. On some mobos it might be even displayed on the motherboard itself in small letters. Okay you could say that theres two ways to assemble a pc. Some people like to connect everything outside of the case such as the cpu and ram first and then slide in the whole Mobo. Depending on what parts you get you might have to do that as i had a huge heat sink and i could not mount it while it was in the case so i had to take everything out and attach it while it was out.

Congratulations as you have finished step 1 !! Link to Step 2


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