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Step 5

Posted by driveout on January 18, 2011

As you see I am trying to keep this guide basic and simple which is why i spread the info into steps. This step contains the power cables from the PSU. In this case the PSU is on the top on other cases it can be on the bottom either way it doesnt matter. Well actually if its on the bottom the cables might have a hard time reaching but that also depends on the powers supply you get.

This is the main power connector for the Motherboard. It is a 24pin connector which actually the 4 pins are extra and are used if needed. On this built the 20pin was all that it took.

The white plastic is where the main power cable gets connected to. Some Motherboards require 2 power cables to be plugged in. One is the 24pin and another 2x4pin i believe.

These are all the wires that come from your power supply. This power supply does not have any wire sleeves which sucks because all the wires can get tangled. Well what do you need all these cables and connectors for ? They are used to connect optical drives, hard drives and fans. Plus anything else that requires power.

Link to step 6


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