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Step 4

Posted by driveout on January 18, 2011

The video card, there are three different slots for graphic cards. There is AGP, PCI, and PCI EXPRESS, each slot is a little different. What I have in this built is an AGP Graphic Card. In simple its an old card while this one does not require a separate cable for power the new ones do so just keep that in mind.

This is what the AGP slot looks like. Thats where your graphic card is going to be installed. The agp slot is the brown one just saying in case anyone got confused and thought it was the white one.

This is some what similar to the Memory, while inserting the graphic card of course be careful. Set the GPU in the slot and then just press evenly across the top edge.

To finish it of make sure you screw in the graphic card. That way it will be nice and secure. There you go you have just installed a Video card into the computer.




Link to step 5


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