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Operating System

Posted by dogman1234 on January 18, 2011

The one thing that drives your computer is your hardware. The things that is your driver is your operating system. The OS is a program that is made up of things called kernels, or bits of information to run or command operations. Without your OS, the computer is just a graphic-less, binary floating, clock generator. The OS is essential to allow the program and hardware to communicate with each other. They cannot do this alone, so the OS takes place and commands the data where to go. There are currently two modes of the OS: 32 bit instructions, and 64 bit instructions. 32 bit is low power operations. It is usually for the computers that do document processing and basic programing. 64 bit operationsĀ  is for computers that requires more information to be stored , channeled and processed. This is for heavy processing and rendering of software and programs. With 32 bit, one only requires 3.5 Gigabytes worth or RAM. 64 bits requires up to 196 Gigabytes worth of RAM. Only if more RAM is essential to your computer experience does one need 64 bit operations. When an operation has been chosen, sometimes the OS comes in suites. Currently, Windows 7 has three known consumer suites:Premium, Professional, and Ultimate. Premium is the basic package with few features embedded into the software. Professional has more to offer for those in the workforce needed for document processing and presentation. Ultimate has the whole software loaded with High Definition, full security features, and better instructions to operate for intensive programs. Choosing the right OS, is not hard. Using it will be easy and as long as your computer is up-to-date, the Hardware and Software should communicate with each other,.


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