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Logitech G5 Mouse

Posted by driveout on January 17, 2011

To begin for any gamer this mouse is a must, it has everything you need. Im a gamer and have bought this mouse to find out if it has what it takes and it most certainly does. I guess you could say its some what on the more expensive side for around 60 dollars you can find one. Moving on i will cover the pros and cons of it.

Pros – Weights, Speed function, Plastic all around, lil lcd screen, Enough buttons, and Comfy.

This mouse offers inter changeable weights so you can adjust how heavy you want the mouse to be. The weights included are 1.7g and 4.5g i like my mouse to be heavy. Next we have the speed, what this allows you to do is set three to five different speeds for your mouse, and you change it with a press of two buttons. It does not get any easier than that and whats nice you have a mini lcd screen that lights up to show you which Speed function your on. The main base is plastic which i like it has a nice lil grip to it and prevents all the grease and dirt from collecting on the mouse. Of course like most mouses these days it has the forward and back buttons as well as your speed function buttons, not to forget the scroll wheel can be pressed in also. Lastly comfort, all i got to say is its perfect it fits my hand like it should.

Cons – Wired

Theres only two cons i could think of. The mouse is wired which is not a big deal to me but to some of you it might be. Other than that the wire might not be long enough to reach the pc. Even thought its longer than usual.

Therefore this is a great mouse and i would recommend it to everyone. The software it comes with is easy to use and offers alot of options and settings to choose from. Few things to keep in mind is the wire is longer than usual but in my opinion is still to short other than that its great and gets a 9/10.

Rating: 9/10


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