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The Cooling System

Posted by driveout on January 10, 2011

Now that you have your case and all the parts picked out last step is the cooling. There are two ways you can go about this. First of the basic fan cooling system which is made up of fans or the more expensive liquid cooling system which uses a radiator, coolant, hoses, metal blocks, pump and a few fans. In case your wondering the liquid cooling is almost silent while the fan cooled system is louder. I will keep this basic and get straight to the point, when using fans to cool the computer make sure you got a good air flow going. This means you want a fan up front which is intake and a fan on the back which is exhaust that way it creates a good vacuum and the air follows the path. Now if your case has a fan on the side set that one to be intake and if it has another fan on top of the case make sure thats set to exhaust. This creates a good airflow so the air comes in from the front and side and goes out the back and top which creates a good path, instead of the air being all messed up inside the case. This also allows for the hot air to be moved out of the case while cool air comes in from the front. As this is a beginners guide i dont want to go to much in depth but make sure you buy good fans as they will last you longer and be a lot quieter then if you buy a fan for 8 bucks. Good quality fans will keep your system cool and quiet now if you need silent then you want liquid cooling.

How the liquid cooling works is you got the metal/copper blocks on the cpu, gpu, each block has 2 hoses one going in and one going out. That way the hose going out will go into the gpu and the second hose from the gpu block will go into the pump. Now the hose from the pump will go to the radiator where the liquid is cooled and on the radiator theres 1 or 2 fans to cool it, then from there it goes back to the cpu and circulates around through the whole system. Thats the most basic way to explain it but in reality theres more to it. What you should know is liquid cooling is not necessary unless you have top of the line products and are overclocking the parts past their limit. Now remember with the liquid cooling you also have to buy the coolant.

lastly, in the next post i will discuss the hard drives and cd/dvd roms.


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