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The Source Of Power

Posted by driveout on December 29, 2010

We are halfway through the Guide and guys hang on tight as the end is nearing soon. From this point on it should be pretty easy to understand the rest so dont make things more complicated then they are.

Moving on the Power Supply; Just as important as any other component the PSU is a vital part to the whole computer. A lot of people make the mistake of buying the best parts they can afford for their pc and at the end they dont have enough money to purchase a good PSU. Whats wrong with that is if you get a cheap PSU and it goes off, it can burn up the internals of the PC. Guess what, after that happens you going to have to replace the Mobo, Graphic card or who knows what else. Thats your warning right there dont go out and buy a cheap PSU for a $800 dollar computer. Like said many people under estimate or dont know and buy a cheap Power Supply in order to save money well do not do that guys.

When your buying a Power Supply unit you want to look at the graphic card and the cpu that you have in order to get a good estimate of how much power your going to need. Before I forget you also might want to include any optical drives. fans, hard drives ect if you want to be more precise about how much watts your going to need. Heres a neat little Calculator, notice that not all Cpu’s are there but just to get a rough idea select a quad or dual core depending on which Processor you have.

Always look ahead, dont buy a small Power supply if in the future your going to have two or more graphic cards, why spend twice the amount of money when you can do it once but right. Make sure you check what brands are good and I personally like Corsair and Ultra. Ultra if your on a budget.

If you really want to get into it I found a great site that explains it in detail. Enjoy

Heres one more site that goes over a few useful things, The guy lists Ultra in the crappy category which they are not, they are okay as some of them have a lifetime warranty so you cant go wrong with that. Either way check out and read reviews for your self, but in the end make sure you get a good PSU. I can not stress that enough. That concludes our PSU discussion and i hope you guys are learning new stuff as we go.


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