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Picking A Case

Posted by driveout on December 29, 2010

To start off there is not much to talk about but il mention a couple things that are good to know when buying a Case. Once you got all your parts picked out its time to decide whether Full tower, Mid tower or Micro is the right case for you.  For instance if your packing alot of graphic cards, lots of ram, any pci cards or a lot of hard drives you definitely want a Full tower case. The reason is you dont want everything to be cramped in and hard to work with, another reason is cooling. The more space you got the farther apart the parts are and they wont heat up as much. The downside is a Full Tower case cost money the cheapest one i can think of is 200 bucks and its an okay one. Now This goes for all cases take a good look at it and see if it has all the features you would like, such as the support for liquid cooling, easy hd slots that clip in, enough usb’s on the front case panel. Little things like that matter once you get everything put together. Reason is after you have your pc for a couple days you start to realize oh it be nice if the case had this or that but then its to late. So guys think twice before purchasing a case.

Hey maybe you dont need a Full Tower case a Mid one will suit you fine. Actually Mid Tower is probably what most people use as it has enough space for everything to fit in. Also these are priced relatively good so you dont have to worry bout spending a ton of money. But that doesnt mean that they are cheap as if you want one that looks cool and has lots of features it can still cost you a good amount. Any way some cases come with fans which is a bonus because cooling is a top priority. Always take a look and see if you can get a case with good fans, that way you dont have to spend 15 to 30 dollars for aftermarket ones. Yes there are fans that you can get for 8 bucks but they make a great amount of noise which will irritate you.

Lastly we have the micro cases and i havent had any experience with them but if you dont have alot of room consider the micro case. These are good for running servers and using it to watch movies and burn cd/dvds. If your into gaming or regular use you might want to keep by the mid and full tower cases as the micro does not provide enough room inside. But if you need a mini pc in the living room this is the way to go.

In order to have good cooling get a case that has fans up front, side, back, and top thats my last advice to you as this will lead us into the Cooling System which will be the next post.


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