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The Stunning Graphics

Posted by driveout on December 24, 2010

In this post I will explain the Gpu in simplest terms. As mentioned before about the Cpu’s there are also two main brands or should I say companies that make Graphic Cards. The two are Ati and Nvidia and same as before its mostly personal preference which one you choose. The price is not a very big variable that limits you to which one you should choose as the prices are pretty much head on with each other. Another thing you might want to consider is Intel and Nvidia work with each other flawlessly same as Amd and Ati. This means that you do not want to cross breed them, for the most part you want to keep Intel and Nvidia together and Amd and Ati together. This is just the basic rule to avoid any hardware conflicts but believe me now days its mostly okay to mix Intel with Ati and Amd with Nvidia. Then again though you might encounter some problems if you do mix them up.

Continuing on you also want to decide whether one card is enough for you or do you need the extra boost of one more card. This brings us to Sli vs Crossfire comparison. Sli is the Nvidia’s way of having 2 or more Nvidia graphic cards run together, while Crossfire is Ati’s method of doing the same thing but with Ati Graphic cards. Supposedly Sli scales better then Crossfire which makes Sli the better choice for hard core gamers. More info about multiple Gpu’s can be found at

Considering that most people use their computer for basic use such as internet surfing, playing movies and older games; those kind of tasks do not require a high end Graphic card. But on the other side if your a gamer and want to play the newest games that come out be prepared to spend some money for a good  Gpu. Games use the Gpu’s processor and memory so the better it is the better performance you’ll get, that said dont leave out the Cpu as the Cpu still affects the performance. To understand this when you play a game most of the load is on your Graphic card while some is on your Cpu. Therefore both of the parts need to be fairly good to have a smooth game play.

Hey, Not only gamers need the best graphics but if your into video editing or working with photoshop or anything similar a high end Card will be necessary. I will stop here because I dont want to go to much into detail not to confuse you guys. Next up is the Memory.


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