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The Right Cpu For You

Posted by driveout on December 24, 2010

In this post I will discuss the Cpu’s like i promised. To begin with there are two brands you can choose from either Intel or Amd. People will tell you that Intel is better than Amd or the other way around but it all comes down to personal preference as both brands are great. It all depends on what your going to use it for as in some applications Intel does better than Amd while in others Amd beats Intel so there really is no best. One thing that it comes down to is the price, how much money are you willing to shell out. If money is not a concern then Intel is the way to go as its on the more expensive side but it also out performs Amd most of the time. On the other hand if you need a computer and are on a tight budget Amd is for sure the way to go as the price to performance is excellent. Alright now that you have an idea of the two Cpu’s we are going to get down into the cores. In this modern time there really is no use in talking about the single cores as today standards have moved up to dual cores. Therefore we will talk about dual cores, quad cores and maybe six core cpu’s. Im not going to get down and dirty into all the information about what cores are and the technical stuff as there are plenty of websites that discuss this already. To start dual cores as it sounds have two cores instead of one, the 2 cores help by processing data faster. So what do you need a dual core for well the dual core is a standard for todays PC’s. They are used for basic use and also work faster for applications that make use of multi cores which pretty much every application does make use of dual cores. Another thing is a dual core with high Ghz say a Amd dual core 3.1ghz is better for gaming then a Amd quad 2.4ghz as the games require the faster ghz speed and also make use of dual cores to use both cores. That does not mean that quad cores are not good for gaming as today many games do use multi core rendering and are able to use the 4 cores. More and more programs and games are coming out to use all of the quad cores in order to achieve better performance. You might ask what do I need a quad core for? Well Quad cores are good for multi tasking, such as running alot of programs at once or video editing even playing a game while burning a cd. For uses like that a Quad core is the way to go, not only that but many Quad cores now come with high Ghz which are great for gaming plus more. If anything go for a Quad core as they are great all around Cpu’s and are pretty much future proof. Lastly the six core, i will not get much into this as i dont know much about them but Amd has created a six core Cpu which runs at 2.8ghz standard and a black edition that runs at 3.3ghz which is amazing. As for Intel I dont believe they have created a six core yet because there is no need for them as the Intel quad cores still beat the six cores in most applications, probably because not many programs are designed for six core cpu’s. This concludes our Cpu discussion as mentioned above a Quad core is the best way to go if you can not afford one dont worry as a dual core will do just fine for most users. Excited to learn more well stay put as the next post is about graphic cards.


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