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Memory Sticks

Posted by driveout on December 24, 2010

Moving on I will hit this subject lightly as I have found a good article about it. You may ask how much Memory do I need?  Again that depends what you do on your PC.  Typically 2gb will be okay for Users that dont run a lot of applications at one time. The standard for most people is 4gb because it gives a perfect balance from doing small stuff to running 5 or more programs at one time. Not only that but 4gb is good enough for gaming as well. So why do People need more then 4gb? Easy for doing many things at once,  the 8gb of Ram or more is for heavy multi taskers it allows for running many softwares that eat up the Memory. Few examples would be running Photoshop, Auto Cad, Video/Audio editing programs. Another thing to remember is that Windows 32bit the most it can see is 3.25gb of Ram, if you want 4gb or more you need the 64bit version. Now about the speed of Memory I will not get into it to much. Like anything else the higher the mhz the faster its going to work. One thing you need to keep in mind is make sure your Motherboard supports the speed of Ram. Thats my brief explanation now if you would like more info about it heres the article its simple and easy to understand one thing it does not talk about is the speed of ram and the cas latency but i will get into it later on. Next in line is the Motherboard.


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