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Basic Understanding Of Parts

Posted by driveout on December 23, 2010

To start of I will list the parts that are included in a computer so that you guys can get a good understanding of what is needed in order to built one.  The main components are: Processor, Graphic Card, Ram, Motherboard, Power Supply Unit, Case, Cd/Dvd Rom, Hard Drive and Cooling System; Those 9 parts are the essentials in building a PC. Now I will go more in depth of each part and tell you what purpose its serves. While all thats going on you will also be learning the nicknames of the parts. Sounds pretty simple right? Well then lets began.

Processor – The Processor is also known as the Cpu which is the main chip of your Unit. The Cpu is basically the brain of your computer which processes every application you do. In simple terms its the nucleus of the machine.

Graphic Card – Which is also known as the Gpu is the eyes of your computer. The Gpu displays the picture on the monitor which allows you to see what your doing. Not only that but the Gpu is the main component needed for gaming.

Ram – Memory is another term for ram, what ram does is it stores information for quick access. The more Memory you have the faster the computer will work because of more storage for the data to be set in.

Motherboard – Or Mobo is the main piece where everything is connected to. Pretty much its the heart of the PC. The Cpu, Gpu anything you name gets connected to the Motherboard.

Power Supply Unit – PSU is the box that powers the computer. What type of PSU is needed varies on the system built.

Case – Just as it sounds its a case , this is where all the parts are screwed into to be held in place. The case has all the slots already made for the hard drive, mobo, ect, to be installed inside. In the end you have a nice looking box with everything in it.

Cd/Dvd rom – Its the part where Cds or Dvds are inserted for the computer to read them. For example your Xbox 360 has one.

Hard drive – A shortcut name is HD this is the main storage center of the system. This is where movies, music, games and anything else gets stored in. Unlike the memory which is a temporary storage this is the permanent location of all the files.

Cooling System – This is just as important as any other part, the cooling system includes fans or liquid cooling in order to keep your Cpu, Gpu and even ram cool to prevent them from overheating.

Hopefully I made it easy enough for everyone to understand the basic parts which are used in every built. Now that you have learned the parts you are one step closer to building your own rig. For my next post I will talk about the Cpu’s and tell you everything there is needed to know about them.


2 Responses to “Basic Understanding Of Parts”

  1. Mateusz said

    Great layout, found it by accident while searching for my computer parts, very detailed and for me noob great info, love the theme that is going on here info is very impressive thumbs up for the creator. Keep up the good work, I will definitely share this with my friends and co-works. Thank you, is there anyway to contact you to get advise?

    • dogman1234 said


      I am dogman_1234. I am a contributor to the site. While the main creator for the site shares the great wisdom of computers, i will be around giving ideas and posting reviews about stuff. You can watch me on this site. At the end of a post, you will see me signature a review and comment. If you have any questions please contact me here. I will answer any questions to anyone.

      Thank You, and welcome to KzK.

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