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Aerena Clash of Champions Gameplay !

Posted by driveout on November 29, 2013


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Find Out The Best Uses for Ipad

Posted by driveout on November 12, 2011

Getting started with Ipad can be quiet tricky as no owners manual is included. If your like me and struggled to get the most out of your Ipad take a look at this instructional video. Enjoy!!

What can I use my Ipad for ? Many people including myself have came across this question only to forget about it. If you thought that an Ipad is used for Photos, videos, music and web browsing your on the right track. The problem is your limiting the ability of an Ipad. Did you really spend 600 dollars just to do those 4 things? Of course not. Although, those four features are the essentials of an Ipad there is more to it. Have you ever wondered why Apple does not include any instructions with the products they sell? Apple claims that their products are made simple and easy to use. Yes, that sounds about right as most users know how to upload pictures to Ipad, creat albums on Ipad and even sync it with the computer. To be truly honest I had a hard time syncing the Ipad with my computer and it really annoyed me. I also ran into some other minor problems that would have only taken mintues to fix if there was a manual. Instead I had to look all over the net to find the solution. I finally ran into this E-book called Are you ready to get the most out of your Ipad? I gave it a long Hmmm… before I purchased it. I got to say that its a pretty decent instructional video for Ipad. It sure cleared some stuff up. It made setting up Ipad email a breeze for me, and Im not too computer savvy. Im not saying that its the best E-book out there but its something that can help you out as it contains good amount of content. Since, Apple does not have an Ipad owners manual this Ipad instructional video is a good source to learn from.

Some pros about this Ipad Instructional video is it contains good amount of content, easy to understand and follow. I did not have trouble keeping up with the tutorials. It was also well explained in most parts. Best of all the video was good quality and it seemed like the guy knew what he was talking about.

Here are some cons I had, the guy does go pretty slow through the instructions which bothered me. However, Its perfect for noobs. On some features of the Ipad he could have gone a little bit more in depth. Lastly the price.

If your computer savvy or nerdy then your probably dont want this e-book as you already know what the best uses for Ipad are. On the other hand if your the oppisite of that then this might be a good guide for you. If you’d like to take a look at the e-book here’s the link
Find Out The Best Uses For Ipad

I hope you liked the article and enjoy the endless possibilites of Ipad !!

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Free Battlefield 3 Dont miss out !!

Posted by driveout on November 4, 2011

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BF3 Online Gameplay

Posted by driveout on November 2, 2011

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BF3 Glitch

Posted by driveout on October 29, 2011

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Battlefield 3 Full Game First Impression

Posted by driveout on October 27, 2011

First of all, this game is sick!!

Lets continue to the review to find out the pros and cons of the game.

Graphics – The graphics in BF3 are amazing, especially on Ultra with AA set to 4x. The trees look realistic and the shadows are just stunning. The environment of the game looks very sharp as well as the guns and vehicles. The lighting is probably the best I have seen, it really makes the whole game truly beautiful. There’s more, the effects of having a glare in eyes, or a bomb bursting to the side leaves you with smudges on the screen making it seem very real. I have nothing bad to say about the graphics as I am very pleased with them.

Sound – I was blown away with the sound effects of bullets flying next to me and ricocheting of objects. But that’s not it, the sounds of jets, helicopters, tanks and cars fit right in the game. The best sound is when a rocket blows up next to you and its just WOW!! Words cant even describe this effect. In order to experience it you have to play the game. When I say this im being honest, I actually flinched when a rocket hit next to me. Trust me guys, you wont be disappointed by the sound. The effects are right on the money and I cant imagine them any other way. In order to experience great sound quality, you need a good pair of head phones and a sound card that allows virtual 7.1 or headphones that have 7.1 support. Lastly remember to crank the volume up.

Gameplay –  Online game play is very good and keeps you in action. This is not a run and gun game, its more about the objective and fun instead of K/D ratio. In order to succeed you need to work as a team, running around the map will just get you killed. Cover is very important and most of all keep your eyes opened, don’t blink or you will die.  Nah just kidding but it does happen,sometimes you get shot and have no idea where it came from. Only con I have is the maps are huge and if your on foot it takes forever to get anywhere.  Other than that, the game play is very good and you always find yourself in new situations. However, it takes a while to get use to the game, especially flying the jets and helicopters. I would recommend getting a joystick. More over, the movement feels more real, as in it takes a while for him to prone, get back up and aim. As far as aiming goes you have to consider the recoil of guns to be accurate.

Campaign – Gotta say it does start out pretty cool and I have only played a little bit of it so I cant say too much. What I can say is I’m not a big fan of Campaign mode but this surprisingly kept me interested. I do believe that I will finish this campaign, hopefully. If I do its gonna be the first game that I have passed the single player. Wish me luck !


My pc specs:

Amd 1090t 6 core 3.2ghz

4gb DDR 2 1066mhz

HD6850 1gb

Windows 7 64bit

It plays really good on High settings with no AA, and ultra works okay with no AA.  Best thing to do is play around with the settings and find that sweet spot.


My screen flickers green when my settings are set to high in online mode.

Random lag spikes, dont think its my pc as it only happens in this game.

So far that’s all I have experienced, If you have any questions, tips, or would like to share something with us please leave a comment 🙂

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Can We Expect Anything Like This From The Iphone 5

Posted by driveout on October 24, 2011

The Iphone 5 concept features look pretty bad ass to me, especially the holographic display. But, will Apple be able to actually produce something like that or will it be another fail like the 4s. If they do manage to make it, it’ll be one pricey phone.

What do you guys think ? Will the concept features come to reality or is it all BS ?

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Iphone 4s Brings Disappointment To The Table

Posted by driveout on October 24, 2011

YAY!! Iphone 4s, the phone that everybody wants. Or should I say yay…. because this time Iphone 4s was a big disappointment that brought only a few new features to customers. Yes the Iphone 4s body is identical to the Iphone 4 but the guts of the phone are new. Iphone 4s includes the dual core A5 processor that Ipad 2 uses, and its also packed with 2 antennas which allow for better call quality and faster download speeds. Another great feature that aroused was the back facing camera is now 8 megapixel instead of 5. Wow 8 megapixel camera, little late dont you think as many other older phones already had an 8mp camera. Come on Apple, step up your game!! Lastly users are now allowed to record in 1080p, oh yeah baby that’s right I said it 1080p. However, what most people are psyched about is the Siri voice command feature. What does it do? well its suppose to talk back to you with a sense of humor. Its also used to schedule verbal commands and I guess you can talk to Siri about how your day was or better yet let Siri listen to your wife talk. That my friends is the Iphone 4s. Is it worth the money ? You tell me.

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Is Netflix Overrated ?

Posted by driveout on October 23, 2011

Many of us seen Netflix commercials on T.v. and wondered if its really that good. So, I decided to give it a try.

First, it costs about 8 dollars a month which I find reasonable. However, the movies they provide on instant Netflix blow. This is not the case always as I have managed to find a few good movies to watch. Just to clarify, Instant Netflix is where you watch movies and shows directly on your tv via streaming. That said, the movies I usually try to watch are never on Instant Netflix !! Instead they are available on DVD from Netflix. This means they have to send it out to you. Which in my opinion it sucks because you wont be able to watch the movie tonight as you planned, and you can only order 1 movie at a time. I also believe its a few dollars extra if you want to have the DVD option available. In general if you want to watch new movies or movies that have been out but are really good, then Netflix is not for you. On the other hand if your interested in older type movies then Netflix should do a pretty good job keeping you busy.

For some reason it looks like Netflix does not update movies as often as they say they do. Instead of adding new movies to the categories I get a feeling they just shuffle them to make it seem as new movies were added. Plus the “New Movies” are typically old movies from the 90’s. However, every now and then a good movie will pop out.  That said it also matters on the audience. If your from the new generation and would like to watch all the new cool stuff then stay away from Netflix. But if your an elderly then some of the older movies and shows will bring some memories back.

One thing I do like about Netflix is that they have a good selection of TV shows, such as: Family Guy, Weeds, Prison Break, 70s show, and more. This is the only good thing I can say about Netflix. That’s because Netflix painted a picture that its suppose to be a great place for movies, which its not! So, I think your better of renting movies from blockbuster in order to watch something worth while.

This is my experience, I found Battle LA on Netflix and I was like no way! they have that out already, nice I will have something to watch for tonight. So, I look at the cover and the date it came out and it seems legit to me. I think it said 2010 or whenever the movie came out. I start playing it and its a remake !! Acting is shitty, camera effects are horrible and I was like wtf mate ! Then I look at it again and what do I see, Its not Battle La Its Battle of LA. Wow 2 different fucking movies. GREAT, 😦 way to post up the shitty movie Netflix. Well that’s all I got to say about Netflix, I really do think its overrated as half of their content blows. All my friends that tried Netflix were disappointed with it as well. But who am I to tell you whats good and not, since Netflix does offer 1 month for free, give it a try.

It gets a 5/10

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In Memory Of Steve Jobs

Posted by driveout on October 22, 2011

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